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Don’t get me wrong, I love my city, but Tokyo gets too much sometimes even for locals like myself. To keep my sanity, I often hop on the train to get out of Tokyo. To be honest, I’m not so much of a train guy, but we are blessed to have one of the best accessible Train system and a weekend trip is totally doable. I have complied my favorite spots for perfect weekend getaways. Escape from chaotic Tokyo and refresh your mind and soul with Japan's beautiful scenery.

JIndai botanical garden, chofu

This botanical garden is located in west Tokyo, so I did a bike trip to this spot from Sasazuka area, rode along with Kanda river and  it was about 15k.  I have a thing for a green house and tropical plants, but this garden also has beautiful Sakura and plum tress section, a must visit spot for a green lover. Plus, Jindai temple has an old-school style market and street food stands. Eating freshly-made Soba noodle will take you back to good old Japan.

jogashima island, miura

From central Tokyo, Miura is about 90 min away. This spot is surrounded by sea on three sides and known for excellent fishing and agriculture, thanks to its rich natural environment and mellow weather. After the strawberry picking, eating fresh Maguro (tuna) for lunch and watching Jogashima's magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean was priceless. Jogashima is quite small, so you can explore around by foot or rent bicycles to ride around the island.

mount mitake, oume

When it comes to the day hike from Tokyo, a lot of folks think about Takao. Of course, Takao is easy to go and has a hot spring at the station, but Mount  Mitake can't be missed, especially if you are into hiking. Mount Mitake is a mountain in the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park near Tokyo, Japan. It stands 929 m (3,048 ft) tall. There aren't many tourists and visitors unlike Takao, so you can actually feel the nature and hear the sound of living things at Mitake.

akigawa valley, akiruno

Akigawa Valley aka Akigawa Keikoku is my favorite summer spot. I don't like Tokyo during summer because it's really hot and unbelievably humid. However, just one-hour away by train from Central Tokyo, you can escape from crazy heatstroke of the city.  I have been going to more west side of Tokyo and enjoy the river chill for some times and it literary became my summer ritual. At the akigawa river, you can swim, play with local kids and ,of course, drink cold, crisp beers. What can I say!


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