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Roppongi changes its color very differently in day and night. In the day time, you can visit many art museums and enjoy luxurious shopping, but on the other hand, this town turns into a sketchy place at night. I had some night outs as there are numerous night clubs and bars. As I get older, I gradually lost interests, meanwhile, I started noticing pretty cool spots in the area. If you ever visit this part of town, make sure check out Azabu Juban area and enjoy semi-fancy dinners and drinks.

Nem Coffee & Espresso

I came across this joint while a dog work with my girlfriend near Hiroo area. You have to wait a bit to get a cup of coffee, but it tastes legit and the shop interior is nicely done. I like the little bench outside as well. Hidden gem alert full on.


Often times, Tempura is perceived as one of the expensive/fancy dishes in our traditional cuisine, but this standing Tempura spot offers very reasonable food and the atmosphere is clean yet cozy. Also, English menu is available and service is great!

21_21 design sight

Located right by Tokyo midtown, this art space does pretty nice exhibitions. Went to see Issey Miyake show, it was dope. I think he's one of the director for this space. For what's showing now, go check out their official website. There is a cute park nearby, so you can actually chill after checking out the exhibition.


Matsuyama style Udon spot. Their Nabe yaki style Udon is a must try, it fills you up with a good portion and great cost performance that even budget travelers can try.  For the winter time, try their Oden, it will nicely warm you up.

hinokichou koen

My favorite Zen spot near midtown. This joint will help you achieving a state of inner calm in the middle of hectic Tokyo. There are Sakura trees around the park, so it's really pretty in the spring time. Good photo spot as well.

arisugawanomiya kinen koen

About 15 min walk from Roppongi area, this spot is a pretty decent sized park. There is a pond in the middle and locals enjoy finishing with their turtle friends. You can do pick nick as well. I love drinking a cold beer at this park. haha

Two Dogs Taproom

Even though this spot is located in the middle of Roppongi's sketchy area, good quality craft beers on tap and American style wood oven pizzas will be promised. When you come drink here, make sure to avoid tacky ass bars around. Don't follow African boys on the street unless you wanna get ripped off.

living motif

Nicely curated interior shop. This spot has 3 stories and sells all the goodies from Scandinavia to Japan. Their made in Japan products selection is pretty good and will give you a hint for the present shopping.


Quite popular Hakata style Kushiyaki spot. Good vibes and their meat skews are pretty legit, but if you don't wanna sit next to other tourists, go walk a bit to Azabu Juban area.

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