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I spent countless hours of night out in Shibuya while growing up and this town shaped me into the person I am today. Even though I have a love-hate relationship with Shibuya, I strongly believe that Tokyo's dopeness can not be described without it. Instead of clubbing and getting wasted in Maruyama-cho, I usually spend my time chilling in Okushibu (the back of Shibuya) area nowadays. Forget about the scrum of  famous crossing, here's a brief guide to my favorite spots in chill part of Shibuya.

fujiya honten dining bar

Bal style wine spot. Full of locals! Since they are specialized in wine, you can't really find typical Japanese cuisine, but this spot has a great cost performance value and you can easily make friends with friendly drunk Japanese salary man.


Good bar in the back side of Shibuya run by Norwegian. It's a bit expensive but their cocktails are on point. In the daytime, you  can come here to have a cup coffee or work on your project with reliable wifi. The interior is really nicely done with Scandinavian furniture with a touch of minimallistic Japanese aesthetics.


This joint is NOT cafe and you will see a bunch of expats living in Tokyo,  but cheap drinks and one and only weird decorations make its charm. Good pre-game spot for a big night out in Shibuya. It can get super smoky, so not recommended for non-smokers though.


 Modern izakaya with full of early 2000s nostalgic. I used to go here a lot before they relocated to this new location. I still like their foods and drinks especially good high ball and lemon sour. Try them, you won't be disappointed.


Super local joint with a nostalgic flavor, this place will take you back in time. Don't be fooled by the outside, but their Matsuyama style udon is very satisfying. I like sea weed toppings with Gobo and squid tempura, yum alert is full on.

monocle shop

Good design lovers will definitely like this spot. Also, they have "The Monocle Travel Guide, Tokyo ", which covers detailed design and architecture pages and neighborhood walks. I think they sell Tokyo-only products as well.


Good coffee and sandwich. One of the co-founder used to be a Sushi chef, so he makes pretty freaking good Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette). Small joint, but outside benches are pretty nice for the hang and chat.

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