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Shimokitazawa aka Shimokita is my favorite town in Tokyo. It's chill, not too crowded, but there are heaps of good low-key spots to shop, eat and drink. Some call Shimokita, the little Brooklyn of Tokyo, but I think this town is much more rich in subcultural context. Many go to busy area like Shinjuku and Shibuya, and assume that's only Tokyo has to offer. Wrong. Come visit and experience the wonderland of Shimokitazawa, you won't regret it. (WARNING : lots of beer photos)


One and only true craft beer spot in Shimokitazawa. They have two shops in Shimokita and their selection of taps are different at each spot so that you can enjoy all sorts of beers. Far from stylish, but they make their own stuff and serve good brews, that's all the matters for beer lovers, right?


Frankly speaking, their oriental & ethnic-fusion food is okay, but its low-key atmosphere and this gigantic beer (1L) will make up for it. On the warmer seasons, you can sit outside the restaurant and drink and chill, priceless! 

disk union

I used to go to disk union all the time when I was still buying cds. Mainly, they sell used CDs, vinyls and stuff, so you might be able to find some of the rare items. They have branches in all over Tokyo and i spotted Madlib digging the crates once. You can find some random shit to old school Japanese gems and spend endless hours digging as well.

bookends coffee

There are lots of coffee spots in Shimokita, but I like how these guys keep it low-key for everybody. Forget about douches at Bear Pond (not recommended to the fullest). This coffee is cheap as hell and easy to go to, service is friendly and fast. Sit outside for a break or grab a take out coffee and go explore the wonderland of Shimokita.

Village vanguard diner

Although their cool neon sign is unfortunately misspelled, their all you can drink beer deal is a steal. You spend ¥1500 and enjoy beers for about 90 min, the best Hoegaarden deal in Tokyo. On the main hustle, Village Vanguard runs funny book shops and I'm sure you will some weird stuff, perhaps it can be a good souvenir spot.

never never land

This legendary bar has been in Shimokita for over 30 years, offering great live music and tasty Okinawan food. I must stay this is a type of joint you can find in Tokyo, well Shimokitazawa. Say what up to Takashi and drink beer with him, he can give you lots of chill spots recommendations around the area.


Produced by Khaldi, they have lots of good wine deal. If you wanna take a break from Japanese cuisine, this spot is a legit choice. I love watching locals getting drunk their asses off in the early afternoon.


Cozy Izakaya restaurant that always poppin'. English menu available and service is really friendly. You might have to wait for to get seated, but you will get some fresh fish and authentic Japanese dinning bar dishes. Not to mention, really casual and good atmosphere. It's a chain but shimokita branch does it best. Try their Daicon Oden dish, it's worth it!

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